Fashionable Bharat | Empowering Artisians
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India is a country of diverse set of culture and art forms but the crafts of yesteryears are soon to be bygones and the skills it carries will be scarce. There are plenty of efforts made by multiple initiative across the nation towards preserving its cultural art forms and creating sustainable channels of livelihood for the artisans and craftsmen


Handicraft is one of the largest sector for employment in India. While the inherent skills of artisans are gradually regaining economical occupations, the artisans still suffer due to poor capital, lack of exposure to innovative technology and absence of market intelligence. Out of the many, one of the critical challenges still remain is a powerful sustained showcasing platform to open gateways for their talent and skills.


Every craft creates employment and further endorses its creator. With diverse pool of talent in the sector of handcrafted products, we need an enabler that continues to generate more livelihood for skilled artisans.


As an initiative that strives to build stories of hope, we immensely value your support in taking us one step closer to our goal of giving more power to the artisan. With your big-hearted support, we can build an ecosystem that creates a bond between you and the crafts workers in a humanitarian value chain.

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