Fashionable Bharat | Empowering Artisians
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India is a country of diverse set of people and cultural backgrounds. Each part of the country is bustling with an eccentric mix of art and craft practices, ranging from fabrics, costumes, accessories to furniture, artifacts and a lot more. While the country continues to develop at a phenomenal rate in all possible aspects, the people of India are losing the connect with their culture and traditions, which keep them tied to the roots. Fashionable Bharat strives to restore this connect, by bringing back the ethnicity of the traditional Bharat.


A very small group of people are aware of the fact that the artisanal community of India makes up for one of the largest employment sectors of the country. Along with increasing awareness about the craft communities and their talents, Fashionable Bharat is also working towards providing artisans a national showcase platform. This platform would not only get them into the limelight, but also provide them with the much-needed recognition.


The process of creating any handcrafted product requires a lot of skill and handwork. The large variety of crafts that thrive on the Indian home ground not only enhance the culture, but also generate employment, which in-turn also takes ahead the lineage of the crafts. At Fashionable Bharat, we strive to empower and support the craft clusters in all possible ways.


As an initiative that strives to build stories of hope, we immensely value your support in taking us one step closer to our goal of giving more power to the artisan. With your big-hearted support, we can build an ecosystem that creates a bond between you and the crafts workers in a humanitarian value chain.

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